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Press Release

“Mor™” is Coming! Morari Medical Debuts New Brand and ProductIdentity


Morari Medical, a pioneering sexual health and wellness company, today announced that it is unveiling the brand and product identity for its forthcoming wearable sextech product at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company is developing “Mor” as a wearable patch that uses the power of neuromodulation to enhance or improve sexual performance, creating the opportunity for couples to experience more pleasure, more connection and more intimacy in their relationships. 

Morari Medical will be on hand at CES to demo the latest prototype and discuss the preliminary results of a first-of-its-kind couple’s study. The Morari team will be available at CES booth #61529 throughout the event to demonstrate the Mor prototype and answer questions. 

“We are excited to be at CES again and share the amazing progress we’ve made toward bringing Mor to market,” said Jeff Bennett, CEO and Founder of Morari Medical. “Sexual health and wellness represent a huge market opportunity for Morari as we look to create the future of climax control. Continued presence of sextech companies at CES will lead to more products that improve sexual health and wellnessfor men and women around the world.” 

Mor will be the first wearable patch designed to give couples more from their sexual experiences. The prototype includes an app that lets the user control the experience, which may result in more time together, more satisfaction and more intimate control. The product is under development and Mor is expected to launch in Q1 2023 after obtaining regulatory clearance. 

“It’s clear after conducting the couples’study that there is a great market opportunity for a product that can help enhance sexual experiences,” said Dr. Aaron Davis, of Everest Men’s Health in Minneapolis, MN. “Morari’s product has the potential to have a profound impact on sexual health and to improve relationships through greater intimacy and better communication.”

Beyond the planned launch of Mor in 2023, Morari Medical will continue to develop new products with the goal of delivering a 510(k) cleared product that treats premature ejaculation (PE).

To learn more about Morari Medical or Mor, visit or

About Morari

Medical Morari Medical is a pioneering sexual health and wellness company, using cutting edge neuromodulation based wearable technology to champion sexual confidence, control, and satisfaction. The Morari team is leveraging its 75 years of collective experience in urology and sexual health to develop a wearable patch treatment for premature ejaculation (PE), themost prevalent male sexual dysfunction estimated to affect 30 percent of men worldwide. Morari envisions a world where all can create the climactic experience they desire and enjoy their sexuality freely with confidence, curiosity, and control. To learn more about Morari Medical or Mor, visit or

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